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Elliphant & Azealia Banks Team Up On Upbeat Anthem ‘Everybody’!

Elliphant & Azealia BanksWith Living Life Golden just one day away from release, Scandinavian pop rebel Elliphant has decided to unleash one of the more anticipated collaborations from the long-awaited debut album! That’s right, “Everybody,” featuring rapping-songstress Azealia Banks has arrived!

The erratic upbeat anthem comes hard with jaunty dance beats, hard-hitting percussion, and chanty “Woah oh Oh oH OH oh“‘s aplenty — but the message behind the song is the true star here as the ladies fire shots at the ME generation and music industry’s big forces: “Everybody wanna shine/ Everybody drink your champagne now/ Everybody is the shit/ Everybody is the big thing now/ Everybody is the boss,” Elliphant expresses, while Banks declares that she “ain’t fucking with tha industry/ all these bitches wanna steal/ all these rappers wanna sleep on me.”

It’s not all negative though, by the end of the track, Elliphant and Azealia come around and encourage: “Tonight be just not anybody/ Everybody be somebody/ Oh-oh, eh eh eh, oh-oh/ To not be just not anybody/ Everybody be somebody.” Elliphant’s music isn’t always the easiest to consume, but “Everybody” is surely one of her more attainable outputs yet – I diggs it.

Pre-order Elliphant’s full-length debut Living Life Golden on iTunes now!

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