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Song of the Week: Cash Cash ‘Aftershock’ feat. Jacquie Lee!

Cash CashThis week’s Song of the Week comes from New Jersey-bred production trio Cash Cash!

Following the release of last year’s Neon Hitch, Busta Rhymes and B.o.B-assisted trap banger “Devil,” the boys have decided to move forward with something entirely new: “Aftershock” featuring The Voice alum Jacquie Lee! While “Devil” saw the boys toying with a brand new sound, “Aftershock” sees them returning to their roots as they lace their dance beats with electric guitar and wonky synth flourishes under Jacquie‘s chord-striking, soaring vocals. It’s a powerful little EDM ditty from the the boys with major crossover appeal.

“We solely focused on the lyrics, the melody, the synth riff, and the emotion they evoke all together,” Cash Cash said in a statement. “Everything else was secondary and we feel strong we succeeded in making a song that will move you. The whole experience was a total vacation from the way we’ve been working lately. I hope the listeners catch that and just let the song hit them the way it hit us.”

BUY Cash Cash’s latest single “Aftershock” on iTunes / Apple Music now!

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