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Kris Allen Continues To Impress On ‘Letting You In’s ‘I Remember You’!

Kris AllenBetween “Waves,” “Love Will Find You” and “If We Keep Doing Nothing,” Kris Allen has already given us plenty of reason to believe that his upcoming fourth studio album, Letting You In, will be one of his strongest to date. I’m even considering turning JonALi’sBlog into a full-fledged Kris Allen stan site because of it. No not really, but I am really loving everything we’ve heard thus far.

Know what else I’m loving? “I Remember You,” co-penned with Garrison Starr and Simon Gugula, the latest pre-order grat track off the upcoming LP (which is due out next week on March 18). But for serious: “I Remember You” is yet another shining highlight from the LP, and Kris and his soulful croons are, of course, an undeniable force driving the song’s simplistic greatness. “Well all these things you can recall/ And you ask if I can too/ Well I don’t remember everything but I remember you,” he sings across the lingering guitar-led melody.

“I wrote it with Garrison Starr and Simon Gugula. We really felt like we had accomplished something when we finished writing this song. Every lyric and idea that was coming out was working. Believe me, it’s not always like that,” Kris told Yahoo Music. “Some people remember every little detail about an experience with someone: all the people that were there, everything that was said, what song was on the radio. I’m not one of those people at all. That’s where the idea of this song was born. This was our way of saying sweetly I may not remember that specific time or event or all the details, but I remember you were there.”

Pre-order Kris Allen’s fourth studio album Letting You In on iTunes now!


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