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MKTO Make Their Return With Two-Part Single ‘Hands Off My Heart / Places You Go’!

MKTOMKTO have returned!

The multiplatinum-selling duo – Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller – responsible for supplying us with the irresistibly catchy jam “Classic” are back with something brand spanking new, a two-part single titled “Hands Off My Heart/Places You Go,” following the release of last year’s (underrated) Bad Girls EP. “We’re so excited to share our new music with all of our fans!,” the duo told Billboard, who exclusively premiered the track. “‘Hands Off My Heart‘ and ‘Places You Go‘ tell a two-part story of surrender and the dangers that ensue. It was such a fun challenge unlocking how to fuse the two songs and storylines together. Music has always taken us on adventures and we wanted to take our fans on one.”

Hands Off My Heart” is a buoyant slice of Maroon 5-like pop spruced up with heavy basslines and infectious guitar while “Places You Go,” is a more somber offering, that sees the boys trading verses about playing with someone’s emotions over a smooth guitar-pop pulse. Not totally sure how the whole two-songs-in-one thing is going to go down in Top 40 radio, but I do love the risk being taken – WIN!

MKTO’s new single “Hands Off My Heart/Places You Go” will be made available tomorrow (March 11)!


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