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Kris Allen Aims To Inspire On ‘Letting You In’s ‘If We Keep Doing Nothing’!

Kris AllenPrince Kris Allen — yes, of American Idol winning fame — is releasing a new album in a few weeks (March 18) called Letting You In. If the the joyous love anthem “Waves” and the advice-giving “Love Will Find You” wasn’t enough for you (you’re crazy), then the just released “If We Keep Doing Nothing” should be enough to convince you that Kris‘ fourth LP will be a fantastic collection of songs.

The slow-building anthem comes hard with grand piano lines, soaring strings, hard-hitting percussion, and one hell of a chorus — but the message behind the lyrics are the real star here: “No, we can’t just look away/ No, we can’t just stay the same/ No, we can’t let tomorrow be another today/ ‘Cause if we keep doing nothing/ Nothing will ever change,” he soulfully croons in the chorus. The song was inspired by the 2015 high school shooting in which a gunman killed eight students and an assistant professor at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon.

“I was writing with K.S. Rhoads the day after and we started talking about the whole situation,” Kris told The Huffington Post. “He sat down at the piano and we knew we had to write that song that day. There was no other option. Right after that it seemed like there was news of one shooting after another and we kept texting each other saying that this is a song people need to hear.”

Pre-order Kris Allen’s fourth studio album Letting You In on iTunes now!

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