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Alessia Cara Is Carefree Animal In Joyous ‘Wild Things’ Music Video!

“To me where the wild things are is a place that exits in our minds. It’s a place of liberty and shamelessness. It can take a split second or a lifetime to find it, but once you do, you’ll be free,” Alessia Cara declares in the opening moments of her just released music video for “Wild Things,” the latest single off of her fantastic debut album Know-It-All.

From there, the Aaron A.-directed clip follows Alessia and her group of friends as they rock animal masks and truly LIVE their lives: frockling around a city, taking Polaroids, drawing tattoos on each other, lighting fireworks at the beach, dancing around a bonfire… nothing too “wild”; just real, uninhibited, liberating fun. ‘There’s a wild thing that exists in all of us,” Cara states at the end of the visual. “It lives in our passions and in the people we love, in our subconscious thoughts, our beliefs, it’s even made a home in the darkest parts of us. We can’t be scared of it. We have to become it.”

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