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Meghan Trainor Announces New Album ‘Thank You’, Drops Big Ol ’90’s-Influnced ‘NO’!

Meghan Trainor NO,” is probably the first thing most of y’all hatin’ asses think when you hear the name Meghan Trainor. But I get it, “All About That Bass” was a HUGE song and once a song reaches that level of inescapable success, it’s pretty easy to be annoyed by the artist delivering that said song.

Meghan didn’t just have one big song though, she had THREE other majorly successful singles: “Lips Are Movin,” “Dear Future Husband” and the John Legend-assisted “Like I’m Gonna Lose You,” all of which were included on her debut album Title. That’s a pretty impressive accomplishment considering everyone was pegging her as a One Hit Wonder the moment “All About That Bass” became a thing. And to put the cherry on top of a fantastic breakout year, Meghan took home the award for Best New Artist at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards. So yeah, she’s on top of the world right now. YOU MAD?

If you’re, it doesn’t matter because Meghan ain’t even breakin’ a sweat in 2016. She’s got a new album titled Thank You coming on May 13th and the just released Ricky Reed-produced lead single “NO” – a big ol’ #nophucks ladies anthem laced with superb late ’90’s/early 2000’s-inspired pop production – is an instant undeniable smash from the very first play. “My name is NO/ my sign is NO/ my number is NO/ You need to let it go/ You need to let it go/ need to let it go/ on-tothe-ah on-tothe-ah NO NO NO NO,” she sings before diving into the nostalgic-inspired verses, which play out like a cross between her very own “Bang Dem Sticks,” Destiny’s ChildSay My Name,TLC‘s “No Scrubs” and, even, NSYNC‘s “It’s Gonna Be Me.”

“It’s a big anthem for ladies about telling a dude, ‘Nah, I’m good—I’m out here on my own, and I’m good with it,” Meghan told FUSE. “The scene is me in a club, and the dude comes up to me and I go, ‘No no no. I don’t need your hands all over me. I’m good. I’m gonna dance on my own with my girls.”


Pre-order Meghan Trainor’s sophomore album Thank You on iTunes and receive “NO” instantly!

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  • Yan

    I gotta say I WAS annoyed by Meghan, but she’s giving me everything I need with this anthem. “NO” is such a good throwback but at the same time is so current!

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