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Kelly Clarkson Blesses Us With Remixed Edition Of ‘Piece By Piece’!

Kelly ClarksonKelly Clarkson, born Kellegend Slayanne Clarkson, has had a terrific unexpected resurgence in the land of pop just in time for the one year anniversary of her seventh studio album Piece By Piece, forcing us all to break down in tears with her sob-inducing live performance on American Idol last week and her flaw-free Idol version of the very personal title track “Piece By Piece“!

But now, with a new soon-to-be Top 10 hit under her belt, Kelly isn’t preparing to walk away (REFERENCE) from this album campaign just yet. In fact, she’s ready to breakaway (REFERENCE) from her pregnancy and head down to the dancefloor with Piece By Piece, THE REMIX EDITION!

The official remix collection includes revamped versions of the singles (“Heartbreak Song” and “Invincible“), LP standouts “Someone,” “Take You High” (this one’s my favorite!) and “Let Your Tears Fall,” as well as a beautiful new Tour Version of “Tightrope.” That’s right: Kelly has blessed the children with all new “Tightrope” vocals and we’re forever Thankful for it.

“The remixes of the songs on Piece By Piece have given a fresh spin on the tracks; they give the lyrics such a fun, new life,” Kelly told EW in a statement. “I’m so excited for fans to hear our live version of ‘Tightrope‘ as well. It is one of the most personal on the album and, by far, my favorite to sing on tour!”

1. Piece By Piece (Idol Version)
2. Heartbeat Song (Lenno Remix)
3. Invincible (Vicetone Remix)
4. Someone (Frank Pole Remix)
5. Take You High (Rytmeklubben by Henrik The Artist & Torjus)
6. Let Your Tears Fall (Cutmore Remix)
7. Dance With Me (Young Bombs Remix)
8. Nostalgic (Mighty Mike & Teesa aka Kolaj Remix)
9. Second Wind (Cheat Codes Remix)
10. Tightrope (Tour Version)

BUY Kelly Clarkson’s latest album Piece By Piece: Remixed on iTunes / Apple Music now!


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