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Kris Allen Offers Up Some Solid Advice On ‘Love Will Find You’!

Kris AllenKelly Clarkson isn’t the only American Idol making moves! With Letting You In just under a month away from dropping on March 18th, my favorite AI prince Kris Allen has decided to provide us with even more reassuring glimpses into his fourth studio LP!

Following lead single “Waves,” the 30-year-old singer-songwriter has thrown “Love Will Find You” into the ring as the album’s latest pre-order grat track. Co-written by Josh Jenkins of Green River Ordinence, “Love Will Find You” sees Kris coming through with some proper advice for those of you in search for that special someone. “You’re not gonna see it coming/ Shows up like a thief at night/ You’re not gonna feel like running/ But that’s how you know it’s right,” Kris assures over infectious guitar strums and a smooth-gliding drum beat. “You can’t go looking for love/ Cause love will find you, ooh.”

“I know people go searching for it and are really trying to find it,” Kris told Billboard. “The whole thing is the moment that you stop, it’s going to find you. I know that’s what happened for me. Every relationship is different. But I think that for the most part, it is that moment that you stop looking that happens.” I couldn’t agree more you adorable lovebug of a man – Can’t wait for more!

Pre-order Kris Allen’s fourth studio album Letting You In on iTunes now!


  • David

    I always love getting reminded why I follow this blog religiously in the first place, is because you adore Kris as much as I do. It’s ridiculous when I see people on YouTube still commenting about how Adam should’ve won, etc. This guys is a true artist that makes music that still resonants the great things of life, nothing about sex, drugs, alcohol and parties, not saying I hate music like that, but it’s just always refreshing to hear Kris’ music

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