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Kris Allen Makes ‘Waves’ On New Single, Readies Fourth LP ‘Letting You In’!

Kris AllenKris Allen‘s back, and he’s ready to let you in! (Finally, I’ve only been waiting for years)

The American Idol alum, who has always been my favorite male Idol champ, has returned at last – after releasing his first independent album Horizons back in 2014 – with something brand spanking new titled “Waves,” the lead single from his upcoming fourth LP Letting You In, which is set to be released on March 18th!

The stirring love anthem is a joyous return to form for the pop-rock prince, loaded with infectious guitar strums, crashing drums, and waves of synthesizers. “But she is my hurricane/ And I am her ocean/ And we could make the biggest waves/ Cause she makes me move; she moves me,” he confesses on the soaring chorus. Classic singer-songwriter Kris with a modern flare has always been my favorite kind of Kris – I’m ready for more!

“It was actually the first song I wrote for this record, and it definitely inspired the rest of the album,” Kris told People.

1. Love Will Find You
2. Time Will Come
3. Waves
4. Faster Shoes
5. If We Keep Doing Nothing
6. Way up High
7. Feeling This Way
8. Letting You In
9. Move
10. I Remember You

Pre-order Kris Allen’s fourth studio album Letting You In on iTunes now!

Kris Allen


  • Barbara

    Great blog! Thanks for posting!! You won me over immediately when you said Kris is your favorite male Idol Champ, lol. He will always be my fave!! I love “Waves” so much and can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. I can’t stop listening to it! March 18th is too far away.

  • David

    YESS Kris sing it! Waves is awesome single for album #5, sounds like a good balance point between Thank you Camellia and Horizon. His other albums are still in my car and on my phone, I listen to them all the time, just such great feel-good music. Music that are not about sex, drinking, mary-J, and partying. Breath of fresh air in the industry today really, he really deserves a lot more than he gets, but anyways I’m glad he keeps putting out new music :DD Can’t wait to get the CD in my hands

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