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Birdy Returns To Glorious Form On ‘Beautiful Lies’!

BirdyTell me lies, tell me sweet little lies… No, this isn’t a Hilary Duff takes on Fleetwood Mac post.

This is all about Birdy!

This week, Bridy has unleashed “Beautiful Lies,” the title track off of her upcoming album of the same name, which drops on March 25th. Unlike her uplifting Florence + The Machine-like lead single “Keeping Your Head Up,” title track “Beautiful Lies” sees the talented little Brit returning to familiar territory as she lays down her soft vocals on-top of a lingering piano melody and gorgeous string embellishments.

“Tell me beautiful lies/ I wish that I had the strength to let go, but I don’t/ I’m paralyzed/ I see the child in your eyes and I’m stuck in the headlights,” she sings across the soulful and heartbreaking number, sounding more vulnerable than ever. The beauty is all in its simplicity – LOVE!

“The song is important to me because it is the most intimate moment on this album. This song is about a special time in your life that you wish could last forever,” Birdy told Teen Vogue. “It’s about not accepting change, and knowing it has to happen but pretending it won’t. Change is quite hard for me.”

Pre-order Birdy’s upcoming album Beautiful Lies on iTunes now!

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