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MoXiiE Faces Loss On Devastatingly Beautiful ‘Chaos’!

MoXiiEIt’s been way too long since we’ve heard from my girl Moxiie.

If you’re unfamiliar, the NYC-based singer-songwriter has been a staple ’round these parts since 2012, from the Jungle Pop EP‘s outstanding “Dancing In Dirt” to her debut LP Savage to 2014’s “Anyway” and “Jilted“. And with each release, she showcased growth and innovation.

Her latest “Chaos,” is a devastatingly beautiful triumph about moving on after the loss of a loved one. “But if I’m losing my mind/ I think I like you to think I’m ok, think I’m ok,” Moxiie sings on the marching, mid-tempo ballad. The lyrics hit close to home and I’m absolutely obsessed with all the gorgeous layers she’s displayed with her vocal performance – A MAJOR WIN!

“I remember feeling a bit weird when I wrote ‘Chaos‘. This was around the time I would cry when I realized somewhere deep within that, one day I’ll have children and they won’t know my grandmother. I think we all felt it, but we were in total denial. My grandmother knew too. She even chose what she would be buried in, down to her nylons and crucifix,” Moxiie said in a statement.

“So in my denial, I was already dealing with feelings of loss. Instead of the ultimate loss, I dealt with different kinds of loss. So I was facing it, but not directly. When I wrote “heaven took you too son I wanna die”, it scared me. I remember thinking why did I choose that? That’s one of the funny things about songwriting. You realize, it’s not always you doing the choosing. The words need a host, because they have a particular job, and you’re lucky when they come to you. This was months before I would lose anyone so close to me!

I always felt like my mourning started before the fact as a coping mechanism. It’s funny how the mind works. If I didn’t begin to accept and process it beforehand, I’m positive it would have destroyed me.”

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