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‘Hit & Run’: Greyson Chance’s No-Strings-Attached Anthem!

Greyson ChanceGreyson Chance has made quite the welcomed comeback, having already supplied us with his genuinely impressive lead single “Afterlife” back in the fall. So why stop at “Afterlife“? Today, the 18-year-old singer-songwriter has dropped yet another new track from his upcoming EP, Somewhere Over My Head: “Hit & Run.”

The sparse bass-heavy cut, which doesn’t stray too far away from the sound of its predecessor, sees Greyson taking us deeper into his darker, more mature side as he lets loose on this no-strings-attached anthem. “Don’t tell me you love me when I don’t/ Keep those words locked in a bottle/ I am too young for that lifestyle/ I miss the casual,” he confesses above finger snaps, before launching into the track’s soaring chorus: “Now I’m all alone/ And I ain’t got no one to call home baby/ This what I want, an empty bed with my shit so crazy/ Oh, oh, hit and run, baby.”

“‘Hit & Run‘ is an exciting record for me because it was a song that I originally had a lyric idea to say, ‘Don’t call me something I’m not, I’m a hit and run,” so I… was figuring out what that meant as the song was going on,” Greyson told MTV. “So it was kind of a story of me… almost like being mean to someone, saying, ‘Hey, like, I’m not really sorry I was mean to you because you knew what you were getting into,” that sort of thing. So I like to think it’s more of an alter-ego song because hopefully I’m not that much of a mean-spirited person.”

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