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‘Old Habits Die Hard’: Allie X Shares Xceptional Synth-Pop Treat (FREE)!

Allie XTime for an Xceptional surprise!

Prime” goddess Allie X, who put out one of our favorite EP’s of 2015, has dropped a brand new track titled “Old Habits Die Hard” (for FREE)!

“ThanX for always believing in X. Here’s ‘OLD HABITS DIE HARD‘,” the Toronto-born, LA-based singer-songstress casually tweeted. I guess old habits really do die hard, cause the infectious, buoyant synth-pop gem is just as addictive as everything found on her excellent Collxtion I EP.

“It’s an Xpression of this action: laughing at your own weakness as it seduces you one more time. It’s a cruel reality when you believe you’ve overcome an addiction, just to find that it still has you by the throat,” Allie said in a statement. “I tried to keep the language of the lyric conversational, because ‘old habits die hard’, the saying itself, has a jest in it’s undertone (like so many idioms do) that seems to justify/celebrate that self destructive moment when you just… give up.”

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