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Video Premiere: Aaron Pfeiffer ‘Don’t Call This Us’

Pittsburgh-bred singer-songwriter Aaron Pfeiffer, whom I first introduced back in April with his ridiculously catchy single “Can’t Shake This” from his debut Nightcall EP (one of 2015’s Best), is back to give us a taste of what we can expect from him in 2016!

Before the release of new material later this year, the now LA-based crooner has just unleashed a super fresh buzz track titled “Don’t Call This Us,” a R&B-pop leaning number that infuses elements of house, garage, and even a little bit of funk. “I’m tired of searching for a fairy tale/ No more hoping for a happy ending/ Don’t want to act like I really care/ I’m over dealing with a heart pretending,” Aaron declares before the smooth Delicate Minds-production fills out with infectious, bright ’90s House piano and big, buoyant beats.

It’s a true treat that comes accompanied by a colorful new visual from Mr. Pfeiffer, which makes its exclusive premiere today (February 2) right on JonALi’sBlog. The clip, directed by Edson Soares, sees the up-and-coming singer in a variety of light-projected set-ups as he truly feels out the meaning of the track. The work of creative director Edson Soares embraces old and new technologies telling stories in innovative ways. His portfolio includes projects such as “Breaking In”, a short movie about identity and gender was shot for a screen 120 feet wide; and the documentary “Communion”, the experience uses 360º videos to bring the audience to dinner in the home’s of same-sex couples and their families. Get into it all below!

BUY Aaron Pfeiffer’s new buzz track “Don’t Call This Us” on iTunes now!

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  • Damon Morgenstern

    “fells out the meaning”
    A bit lounge-y, but with the volume turned up I might get the feel of it better. Really cool visuals. Curiously waiting what this gentleman’s capable of.

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