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Parson James Goes Back To His Hometown In ‘Sinner Like You’ Mini-Doc!

Parson James, who we already know thanks to his unbelievably good singles “Stole The Show,” “Sinner Like You” and “Temple,” is taking us deeper into his past. The New York-based singer-songwriter has recently shared a first look at his new documentary A Sinner Like You, in which he tells the story of his life growing up in the deep-south, amongst the bible-belt, as an openly gay teen, also born into a bi-racial family. Subjected to abuse and racism, Parson details how he drew strength from his songwriting.

The mini-doc comes preceded by his highly anticipated debut The Temple EP, which will feature all his previously released singles as well as two previously unheard of and original tracks: “Slow Dance With the Devil” and “Waiting Game.” Parson is coming through with all the goodies in 2016!

“It’s an incredibly confusing feeling to know wholeheartedly who you are and who you are meant to be but at the same time being told that by being that person (yourself), you are wrong. I could never wrap my head around it really, and I still can’t,” Parson told I-D Magazine.

“I didn’t want to make this documentary to bash the South, because I am glad I come from where I did. It’s taught me so much and allowed me to grow into the person that I always knew I was capable of being. I just wanted to highlight what I have always known. You can’t change people; it’s exhausting and simply will not work. This documentary is meant to show that we are all different creatures, and that is a beautiful thing. No one is perfect, and judging another person isn’t going to fix any flaws within yourself. We’re all ‘sinners,’ and until we can accept that and live in unity embracing our differences, this world is gonna remain a sad and fucked up place.”

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