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Bonnie McKee Gets Nostalgic In ‘Wasted Youth’ Music Video!

Our beloved Bonnie McKee, songwriting superstar/maker of one of our favorite EP’s of 2015, has premiered her brand new video for her nostalgic, 80’s synth-soaked anthem, “Wasted Youth“!

The clip, shot in 16mm and directed by Darren Craig of The Uprising Creative, finds Bonnie and her group of friends letting loose at a house party hosted by the bubblegum-haired diva herself. “We set out to make a video that captures the spirit of youth and reminds us that you are as young as you will ever be in this moment, so don’t waste it,” Bonnie told The FADER. “I wanted it to have a true vintage look and feel, so it’s all shot on Super 16mm film. We filmed the entire video at my house so it’s basically just my friends and I having fun and getting weird!” Let’s get it while we’re young, indeed.

I’ve always thought that “Wasted Youth” played out like the sophisticated older sister to her very own “Teenage Dream,” so I’m truly pleased that she’s decided to provide us with a visual that matches the song perfectly. What do you guys think?

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