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Simon Curtis Surprise Drops ‘Super 8-Bit Heart’, Announces Debut Novel ‘Boy Robot’!

Everyone’s favorite boy robot is back with a few surprises!

After the release of his 2011 sophomore LP R∆, followed by Wrathschild in 2014, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Simon Curtis has returned this year with a surprise album titled Super 8-Bit Heart, a re-worked version of his 2010 debut 8-Bit Heart – and it’s available everywhere today (January 8)!

As a sonic experience, Super 8-Bit Heart is much more fresh and innovative than its original. Songs like the infectious “Don’t Wanna Be Alone,” the deliciously dark “Delusional” and the explosive “Beat Drop” sound better than ever. It’s a must for those of us who have been following Simon from the very early days of his career. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!! To coincide with the surprise album, Simon has announced that his debut novel, “Boy Robot,” has been acquired by Simon Pulse for publication in fall 2016.

“Boy Robot,” which will be published on November 15, is the first in a planned science fiction trilogy that follows a group of synthetic cell human teens with special abilities as they fight against the government organization that created them, and now wants to destroy them. The fast-paced, high-stakes story explores humanity, the ultimate power of empathy, universal oneness and the greatest battle of all—love vs. fear.

“I’m excited to finally share this book after starting to tell the story years ago in my first album,” Simon said in statement. “I”ve always made music for people who feel like outsiders, and I’m thrilled to say Boy Robot continues that narrative in a big way.”

BUY Simon Curtis’ surprise album Super 8-Bit Heart on iTunes now!


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