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Becky G Drops ‘Good At It,’ ‘The Lights’ & ‘Stutter’ As Holiday Gift For Fans – Listen!

She’s making a list, she’s singin’ in the shower, she’s breakin’ a sweat. . .

‘Tis the eve eve eve of Christmas! And so, what better way to celebrate the merriest of holidays than to jam out to some Becky G – aka Becky Claus!

The tiny multi-talented Latin diva has just come at us with a special holiday treat, three brand new songs: “Good At It,” “The Lights” and “Stutter,” which is actually a cover of the 2000 R&B hit by Joe. “Merry Christmas to my amazing Beasters. As we get closer to the end of this year I can’t help but reflect on everything I’ve been through. It’s not easy, but with you all by my side I feel unstoppable,” Becky captioned with the songs. “You all mean the world to me. It all started here, just uploading videos on YouTube. Now look how far we’ve come. Our Beaster family continues to grow and that brings me so much happiness. I can’t thank you guys enough. I love you.”

“‘GOOD AT IT‘ is inspired by the new confidence I’ve found in myself as a woman. I love songs with vibe that make me feel good and sexy.”

“‘THE LIGHTS‘ is a true example of when I say “Music is how I express myself”. I wrote this song because I had bottled up things I was feeling and didn’t know what else to do other than put it into my work in the studio that day. Writing this helped me a lot. It’s not a hype song but it’s a song that means a lot to me.”

On “Stutter“: “Literally decided to do this today out of the blue. Wanted to drop something for you guys since I’m in the holiday spirit. Here is a song I re-made with some great friends of mine. Crazy how just hanging out in the studio one day listening to old songs that I loved turned into this. I LOVE this song and wanted to cover it because I felt some type of way.”


  • cruz

    This chick is 18…WTF is wrong with all of these little girls?

    The only thing she should look back at is her childhood cuz it’s gone. Shame.

    • Jasmine

      Kids grow up faster these days because of social media and the internet. Nowadays childhood is gone by the age of 12 with the only thing childlike remaining is Xbox.

  • Mike

    Has nothing to with society. These 18 year olds work with adults every single day in the industry. They may have priorities, but they are catering to adults! I’m sorry if you don’t approve of your child singing about mature material, but you child also isn’t running a business on their own either at 18.

    • cruz

      Don’t care what business my child was “running” – No way in hell i’d let my daughter sing those lyrics at that age, and believe me i’m not that old.

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