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Rachel Platten Finds Happiness On ‘Wildfire’s ‘Better Place’!

With Wildfire just two weeks away from dropping on January 1st, Rachel Platten has decided to provide us with even more reassuring glimpses into her anticipated full-length debut LP!

This week, the “Fight Song” breakout star has thrown “Better Place” into the ring as the album’s latest pre-order grat track. Unlike the previous cuts, Rachel doesn’t rely on big anthemic production or on-trend radio tricks, which is largely why “Better Place” feels so compelling: The song organically builds along a slow-moving piano melody and gorgeous orchestral strings. “And I hold my favorite thing/ I hold the love that you bring/ But it feels like I’ve opened my eyes again,” she softly sings in the chorus. “And the colors are golden and bright again/ There’s a song in my heart, I feel like I belong/ It’s a better place since you came along…” SO PRETTY – WIN!

Pre-order Rachel Platten’s debut album Wildfire on iTunes now!

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