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Foxes Pours Her Heart Out On Latest Single, ‘If You Leave Me Now’!

Foxes. foxes. FOXES!!

The forever underrated UK darling is back with the fourth offering from her upcoming sophomore LP, All I Need, which will finally see the light of day on February 5 via Epic Records. So far, she’s shared her ’80s-flavored lead single “Body Talk,” the soaring “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now,” and the addictive Dan Smith-assisted “Better Love.” What could she possibly be serving up on this go-around?

A whole lot of emotions, that’s what.

If You Leave Me Now” — helmed by her “Body Talk” collaborator, producer Jim Eliot — is good. Actually, it’s amazing. Like, on another level. Filled with soaring strings, shimmering flares of synths and a tripping drum beat, the track is arguably her most dramatic offering yet. “Give me a reason why you choose to always hurt my soul/ I gave you everything, oh baby, please I have to know/ Just answer me the question, are you gonna stay or go?/ Stay or go?,” she cries.

And then, there’s that chorus: “Oh, no/ Please don’t go/ If you leave me now/ If you leave me now/ But you stay,” Foxes gorgeously flutters on repeat on the catchy, devastatingly beautiful hook that, after only one play, is all but destined to stay twirling ’round your head for days.

It’s so very gorgeous. It’s so very devastating. It’s a hard-hitting emotional punch, but it feels like a sweet hug. I’VE SAID ENOUGH – LISTEN NOW!

BUY Foxes’ latest single “If You Leave Me Now” on iTunes now!

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