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Fleur East Serves Up Delicious Taste Of Debut LP With ‘Breakfast’!

After snatching headlines with her unbelievably good “Sax” earlier this month, X Factor UK finalist Fleur East is already back at it with “Breakfast,” the second taste off of her anticipated debut LP Love, Sax and Flashbacks (due out on December 4th via Simco Limited)

Unlike the slightly, well, aggressive in-your-face feel of “Sax,” “Breakfast” is a purely heaven-sent, 80’s-tinged production.

“If I get too drunk, Would you take me home?/ Would you leave me in this club?/ On my own?/ I don’t know nobody, These are all your friends!/ A couple of them looking nice, nice enough to buy my breakfast,” she assures us across the crisp, shimmering production. “I wasn’t even ’bout to come tonight/ But I look too good to stay inside my house/ There ain’t nothing left on Netflix/ When I’m restless, I get reckless/ But don’t worry about me, don’t worry/ Don’t worry about me, don’t worry.”

It’s a super cute, flirty fit of joy; sparkly, sassy and sweet like her personality, and the very definition of a “guilty pleasure.” (The kind you want to turn all the way up when you’re alone in the car.) Digging what Fleur is serving so far? Good, me too. Get a taste of “Breakfast” below and begin anew!

Pre-order Fleur East’s debut Love, Sax and Flashbacks on iTunes UK now and receive “Breakfast” instantly!

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