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Adele: ’25’ Album Review!

Okay, ladies (that means all of you). The day has arrived. I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent the past week emotionally preparing myself for the release of 25 by implementing a strict routine of bi-hourly meditation, light stretching, and sporadic and unabashed “heavy crying.”

The maven herself, Adele, is currently in a position where she seems completely invincible. With the first song off her album, “Hello,” reaching 1.1 million downloads within the first week of its release, it has never before been more clear how in-demand new music from Adele is among the general public (I’m looking at you, Rihanna). Over the past month, Adele‘s team has slowly been churning out teasres, interviews, recordings, and live performances causing nothing short of a media frenzy surrounding the now 27-year-old chanteuse. Adele has made it a point to let fans know 25 is not another ‘heartbreak album,” but instead an album about relationships, motherhood, and what it means to grow up and move on. In this regard, Adele succeeds.

25 is a very solid third effort from the award-snatching Brit, and its bound to be a massive a success in all aspects of the word. It turns out when you combine Adele‘s monumental vocal powers with heavyweight producers like Max Martin, Ryan Tedder, Greg Kurstin and 21 collaborator Paul Epworth, you get 48 divine minutes of musical gold. By no means am I saying the album is perfect, but Adele is a musical entity all her own. With occasional blase lyrics on songs like the repetitive “Remedy” and the atypical pop musical stylings of “Send My Love (To Your New Lover),” the flow of 25 deviates from what we have come to expect from the English songstress, but she’s Adele, so, like, whatever. She’s trying new things, and as a die-hard fan and artistic objectivist, I can only sit back and bask in her glory.

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Hello” – deeply overplayed but deliciously powerful and will continue to be my go-to shower song for months to come.

Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” – a concept I have never been able to grasp, this up-tempo number produced by Max Martin, looks, feels, smells, sounds like and tastes like something Taylor Swift cooked up but its undeniably a soon-to-be-smash.

I Miss You” – this song hits close to Adele‘s roots, with powerhouse vocals and a haunting melody paired with soulful and nostalgic lyrics “I miss you / when the lights go out. Pull me in / hold me tight / don’t let go.”

When We Were Young” – my current jam (also Adele‘s favorite off the LP). This song strikes every nostalgic chord in the human body and will resonate deeply with anyone about to graduate high school.

Remedy” – an ode to motherhood, “Remedy” is one of the more signature Adele offerings on the album. Driven by a simple piano melody, this song truly showcases her voice (even though the lyrics are a bit cheesy but honestly who doesn’t love cheese).

Water Under The Bridge” – another up-tempo cut, “Water Under The Bridge” is an optimistic love song about moving on and calling a relationship what it is (amen, sister).

River Lea” – nostalgic and tribal, this song clearly resonates deeply with Adele and gives us a coy insight into her past. The song showcases her soulful prowess by incorporating a juicy hook with unconventional instrumentals and harmonies.

Love In The Dark” – a heartbreak anthem in true Adele fashion, “Love In The Dark” hits you in all the right places.

“Million Years Ago” – a song nearly anyone can relate to, “Million Years Ago” has a minstrel-like feel to it with soft-strummed guitar featured as the main instrument and a nearly ominous melody.

All I Ask” – Co-written with Bruno Mars, this song is her 11 o’clock number. No other song on the album features more potent vocals, and there’s a key change at the end that’ll truly dive deep into your soul and tear you apart.

Sweetest Devotion” – as the last song on the album, I feel this one fell a bit short. It features the voice of her son, Angelo, which probably means he’ll get a grammy before any of us.

It’s really hard to critique someone who has so much talent and comes with such high expectations. 25 without a doubt has its flaws (like the artist herself) – the lyrics are so campy in places – but, she’s not selling albums to a specific generation, she’s selling albums to dumb bitches like me aka everyone. She’s not a FKA twigs, she’s not a ARTPOP, she’s Adele. This is a Adele album – 4/5

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    • David

      21 is amazing but I seriously can’t compare the two albums. Especially when 25 is still so new and lots of tracks didn’t capture me in 21 until much later. I’m loving 25 and I don’t think the album is weak by any means, and I love all tracks after Water Under The Bridge

  • shane

    i dunno why she can get away with an OK album. i know she’s a great artist but doesnt make everything that she comes up with as a gold. this album gets too much credit

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