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‘Smaller’: Erik Hassle Gets Back To Heartbreak!

My fave Swede-pop prince Erik Hassle has been on a roll this year, having already supplied us with the utterly killer “Natural Born Lovers” and the oh-so-joyous “No Words.” But why stop there?

Today, Erik has dropped yet another new track from his upcoming full-length LP: “Smaller“!

While “Natural Born Lovers” and “No Words” both proved to be a welcomed change of pace for the talented crooner, “Smaller” is all about offering up what Erik always has and always will do best: Beautifully devastating sounds that’ll produce both a lump in your throat and a pep in your step. “They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger/ I don’t know about that/ You left me in a bad state/ Now I feel everything but strong, yeah/ And there’s no way back/ There’s no way back,” Erik pleads during the song’s chorus. Though, unlike most of his breakup anthems, the production relies on a giddy piano melody, horns and a upbeat-marching beat, as he agonizes over lost love: “What doesn’t kill you makes you smaller/ What doesn’t kill you makes you cold/ What doesn’t kill you makes you wonder/ If all there is, is nothing at all.” LOVE – THIS MAN CAN DO NO WRONG!

“Smaller” is available on iTunes now via TEN Music Group!

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