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Adele’s ’25’ Album Sampler – Stream 2 Minute Clips Of Every Track Now!

Adele‘s forthcoming album 25 is just days away from its official release on Friday (November 20), therefore no one should even bother releasing anything between now and the rest of the year because it WILL be the best. How do I know? Because Adele. Need proof? Ok, fine. . .

Following the release of the special live Church Studios performance of album cut “When We Were Young,” a full album sampler of the UK chanteuse’s upcoming LP has surfaced. Say whaaa? Yes! You can now hear 2 minute clips of every single track included on the standard edition of 25, including lead single “Hello,” which has just topped the Billboard Hot 100 for a third consecutive week. That Adele reign just won’t let up!

Pre-order Adele’s new album 25 on iTunes now and receive “Hello” instantly!


  • number1k9

    Thanks! I knew I could count on you to have the snippets ASAP! Of them all I liked:
    “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”
    “Water Under The Bridge”
    “Sweetest Devotion”
    The most from the tracklist. Overall musically it did seem like she experimented with different sounds musically. its not all just traditional ballads or basic drum based tracks like “RITD” or “RHI.”

    I was never fully hyped for the album, but after the snippets it sounds better than I thought. “When We Were Young,” the live version above is good too. Love the lyrics.

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