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Zendaya Gives Us A ‘Close Up’ Into Album #2!

It’s time to get “Close Up” with Zendaya!

Since dropping her self-titled debut album in 2013, the 19-year-old multi-talented starlet has done an amazing job at keeping her name in the spotlight, but not so much for her talent: Instead, she’s made headlines for getting Giuliana Rancic fired from E!’s Fashion Police, educating about cultural appropriation, on-point red carpet moments, and most recently for calling out photographers for retouching her photos too much.

This week, Zendaya is putting the focus back to her music career with the release of brand new fashion film and interview with Hunger magazine.

The clip, directed by fashion photographer Rankin, sees the young diva serving up some fierce looks to the beat of her brand new, much-teased Timbaland-produced tune titled “Close Up” off of her upcoming sophomore album, due out in early next year. The track sees Zendaya wandering into a darker, more mature murkier R&B direction. “Don’t be camera shy/ Baby come over/ Let me get focus/ There’s a bigger picture I just wanna show you,” she croons. “Baby let me hold you/ Ready for my close up/ Dying to be with you/ Ready for my close up/ Closer, closer.” It’s a welcomed change in musical style.

“I think I’ve changed a lot. I’ve grown up. I’ve learned a lot about myself as a human being, and as an artist as well. I’m more independent now, and I’ve had to take on more responsibilities,” Zendaya told the mag. “So this new album is kind of me talking about stuff that at this point I finally understand, and have been through and can speak about. It’s not super deep; it’s all around the ideas of love. Dealing with love for the first time and what that means to me has been a big part of the album. It’s also falling in love with yourself. I think that as you grow older you have to fall in love with yourself, and understand who you are.”

“I don’t necessarily want to make what’s already on the radio, or what every young girl my age is doing,” Zendaya added. “I want longevity, and if you want a long career, you have to be happy with yourself so you don’t go crazy, and the only way to do that is to be yourself.”


  • CG Girl

    This song will not give her longevity. This is what every young girl is doing! No substance, no uniqueness, very repetitive, and she’s not singing. I’m hoping that the other material on her album is better.

  • Drew

    There’s absolutely nothing special about Zendaya. All that nonsense about Fashion Police when the girl has spent her entire career styling herself to look racially ambiguious and then suddenly she becomes a social justice warrior after Guiliana Rancic’s remarks? Please.

    There is nothing wrong with saying that shitlocks look like they stink. There’s nothing inherently racist about that. It’s a tough look to pull off, regardless of your ethnicity. She looked bad. Case closed.

    There is not one thing that’s authentic about Zendaya.

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