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Parson James Takes Us To Church On Empowering New Single, ‘Temple’!

After making waves with his unbelievably good original version of “Stole The Show” and “Sinner Like You” earlier this year, up-and-coming New York-based singer-songwriter Parson James is already back at it with another slice of powerful, bluesy-tinged greatness.

Here we have “Temple,” Parson‘s newest tune and latest single from his upcoming RCA debut.

Much like its predecessor “Sinner Like You,” the stomping gospel-influenced pop number sees Parson opening up about the isolation he felt growing up as an outsider in a small town. “I’ve been so shaken, grace ain’t been amazing/ Tell me what’s a man to do?,” he questions before the song launches into its liberating chorus: “Hold up, why is this devil on my shoulder?/ Hell must’ve got a little colder/ But, hell, I got bolder/ Na na na, hey now/ Been too quiet, I’mma get loud/ You want me in the temple with my head down/ But I’m up now/ Singing like ooh, ooh, he-e-ey, he-e-ey.”

With each track, Parson only continues to add more depth and dimension to his steadily growing catalog. There’s simply no denying his natrual talent. KEEP TAKING US TO CHURCH BOI – Loving it all!

BUY “Temple,” the brand new single from Parson James on iTunes now!

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  • Quinn

    Really amazing song. I think Parson James is one of the most exciting people making music right now, and this song sure proves it. If you haven’t already started throwing it on some Spotify playlists here’s the link to it on Spotify:

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