After making waves with his unbelievably good original version of “Stole The Show” and “Sinner Like You” earlier this year, up-and-coming New York-based singer-songwriter Parson James is already back at it with another slice of powerful, bluesy-tinged greatness.

Here we have “Temple,” Parson‘s newest tune and latest single from his upcoming RCA debut.

Much like its predecessor “Sinner Like You,” the stomping gospel-influenced pop number sees Parson opening up about the isolation he felt growing up as an outsider in a small town. “I’ve been so shaken, grace ain’t been amazing/ Tell me what’s a man to do?,” he questions before the song launches into its liberating chorus: “Hold up, why is this devil on my shoulder?/ Hell must’ve got a little colder/ But, hell, I got bolder/ Na na na, hey now/ Been too quiet, I’mma get loud/ You want me in the temple with my head down/ But I’m up now/ Singing like ooh, ooh, he-e-ey, he-e-ey.”

With each track, Parson only continues to add more depth and dimension to his steadily growing catalog. There’s simply no denying his natrual talent. KEEP TAKING US TO CHURCH BOI – Loving it all!

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