This week’s Song of the Week comes from Romanian dance-pop diva Inna!

It’s no secret that I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Inna, she is truly The Queen of Romanian Pop, having supplied us with countless amazing club-rocking cuts ever since she made her debut with “Hot” back in 2008. I mean also like “Amazing” to “Wow” to “Caliente” to “Cola Song” to “Endless“. . . Ugh, I can seriously go on forever.

This year, of course, is no exception: Inna will finally release her self-titled fourth studio album INNA on Friday (October 30) – that’s in just two days folks! It includes cuts released as part of her previously announced but never released Summer Days EPLow” and “Take Me Higher – plus her new and proper lead single “Diggy Down.” It also features this week’s highlight “Yalla,” a addictive, tropical-flavored dance cut that combines Inna’s slick vocals with infectious arabian-infused moombahton beats, making this one a total winner. I AM HOOKED!!!!

“Yalla,” from Inna’s upcoming self-titled fourth studio album, will be available worldwide on October 30th!