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Demi Lovato: ‘Confident’ Album Giveaway – Enter Now!

Today (October 16) marks the release of Confident, the fifth studio album from superstar Demi Lovato! The LP includes her hit single “Cool For The Summer,” as well as follow-up single/title track “Confident” and the recently released “Stone Cold.”

Confident is undoubtedly her most care-free, self-assured, moment of pop rebellion yet, and surely her most experimental affair, as far as production is concerned. She’s a 23-year-old woman who’s finally embracing every inch of her own skin and its displayed on every single one of these tracks, from the empowering title track to the hip-hop tinged “Old Ways” to the super chilly, sexy banga “Wildfire” to the heartbreaking “Father.” If you’re a longtime fan of Demi then you will not be disappointed by Confident, there’s an anthem for everyone. In celebration of the release, JonALi’sBlog is giving away 3 digital copies of Demi Lovato‘s Confident album!

Leave a comment below with your full name, email address, and favorite track off Confident.
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BUY Demi Lovato’s latest studio album Confident (Deluxe Version) on iTunes now!

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  1. My favorite track is “Old Ways”

  2. Adriano Borges
    My favorite track is “Confident”.

  3. Terrence Edmonds
    My favorite track is CONFIDENT

  4. excellent confident & oldway are my favorite

  5. Favorite track is definitely “Stone Cold.”

  6. Favorite track “For You” and “Lionheart” is a close second

  7. Allen Lee Twister346@aol.com
    My favorite is Old Ways and Kingdom Come.

  8. my favorite track is ”for you ”

  9. My favorite track is Old Ways, I’m listening it on repeat

  10. Mitt favoritt spor er “Far”

  11. My favorite track is “Far”

  12. Favorite track is Father..

  13. Pavol Molnar
    My favourite track is “Confident”

  14. Robert Salas
    My Favorite Track is Kingdom Come

  15. Naomi Lynch
    My favorite track is Confident! One of her best singles yet <3

  16. Michael Figueroa : overKoalafied@outlook.com
    Favorite track: Kingdom Come

  17. Matus Podhora
    and my favourite team is definitely ‘Stone Cold’

  18. Sema Gjulagoska
    My favorite tracks are Kingdom Come, Confident, For You and Lionheart which makes me cry when I hear it.

  19. Wildfire is my favorite. <3

    1. OH! And luv4leann@hotmail.com is my e-mail

  20. My favorite track is Confident – I just found it on iTunes radio and biking across a bridge to it is probably one of the greatest feelings ever.

  21. Tyler Park
    definitely Old Ways… it’s always stuck in my head 🙂

  22. Tommy carrillo
    Yes is my favorite track!

  23. David Lin
    Favourite tracks are Confident and Stone Cold at the moment!!

  24. TJ Tolson
    Favorite Track: Cool For the Summer!
    Second Fav: Stars

  25. Jenn Marr
    I love Confident!!

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