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Sam Smith Debuts James Bond ‘Spectre’ Theme ‘Writing’s On the Wall’!

Sam Smith‘s “Writing’s On the Wall,” the theme song for the upcoming James Bond movie Spectre has finally arrived!

The fact that the UK crooner has been chosen to lend his vocals to the coveted theme is no surprise, considering – like Adele – he’s a British vocalist who blew up in America with a Grammy-snatching album. Adele‘s theme “Skyfall” won an Oscar, a Grammy and a Golden Globe. Will Sam do the same?

Probably not… Unfortunately, “Writing’s On the Wall” fails to match the greatness of its predecessor “Skyfall.” Production wise, it plays out exactly how a Bond theme should: Big, dramatic, and cinematic. It’s quite stunning, actually. Props Jimmy Napes and Disclosure. But this is James Bond. Where’s the mystery? Where’s the memorable melody? Where’s the edge? The whole thing’s kind of a downer, really.

The newer films have shown that James Bond is more of a complex emotional character than what we’ve seen from earlier films, but did we really have to hear Sam signing about wanting “to feel love” again? I think we all got enough of that on his debut In The Lonely Hour. “How do I live?/ How do I breathe?/ When you’re not here I’m suffocating/ I want to feel love, run through my blood/ Tell me is this where I give it all up?/ For you I have to risk it all/ Cause the writing’s on the wall,” Sam cries in a high falsetto.

Don’t get me wrong, – I love Sam – he sounds amazing and the production is there – It’s just not what I wanted (Sorry).

BUY Sam Smith’s James Bond theme song “Writing’s On The Wall” on iTunes now!


  • Brooklyn

    I actually listened to it three times and I keeping coming to this simple fact, exquisite song with beautiful vocals that can’t match the background. I love Sam Smith but, he can’t seem to convey but, one emotion, sadness. I think the song will turn out to match the story more they we are realizing though. Waiting for the opening sequence to make my final vote on it, either way.

  • Janus

    In terms of a James Bond opening theme, I actually think its perfect. I can imagine the visual with it and it’ll be dark and moody. For radio this doesn’t really work though. But I can appreciate the value in a good soundtrack theme, so I actually love it.

  • cruz

    There are specific guidelines for all Bond songs, they must all fall within certain keys (which is why they all sound somewhat similar) mainly minor tonalities…

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