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Janet Jackson & Missy Elliott Bring The Heat On ‘Unbreakable’s ‘BurnItUp!’

Ain’t no sittin’ down because Janet Jackson and Missy Elliott about to get the whole room jumpin’ up! That’s right. Janet and Missy have teamed up once again to make our Fridays even better!

We first got a taste of Janet and Missy‘s collaboration “BURNITUP!” when Janet launched her Unbreakable World Tour weeks ago. And now, the highly anticipated track is finally here in its full mastered glory as a special treat before her 11th LP Unbreakable drops next week (October 2).

Produced by Thomas Lumpkins, Jimmy Jam, Dem Jointz and Terry Lewis, “BURNITUP!” is exactly what one would expect to come from two legends who have brought us an endless supply of dance smashes over the years. It’s a straight-up club banga all about turning it up, dancing, and burning it up . . on the dance floor (of course). “When the DJ play this we gon’ dance like no one’s watching/ Hey Mr DJ, bump the track and won’t you turn it up?/ I’ma dance all night and I don’t care who’s out there watching us/ Just give me that fire and I’m gonna show you how to burn it up.”

It’s pretty simple – literally anyone could’ve written those lyrics, but there’s really nothing better than having two legends together on a hot fiya booty poppin’ jam, and that’s exactly what we have here. I say WIN – Happy Friday y’all!

Pre-order Janet Jackson’s eleventh studio album Unbreakable on iTunes now!


  • Mac

    I cant get past the hey mr dj. turn it up. Cheese central. These are the types of songs that older (as in not current) artists should stay clear of.

      • Marcus Macadi

        I believe the idea of this album is to have a throwback vibe, though. So perhaps the ‘dated’ feel is intentional. For such an epic collaboration, though, this could have been taken to a whole new level. I miss hearing Missy, but all her recent features (besides Take U There) have left her with hardly much room to be creative. Let’s hope she’s saving all the great material for her new album.

  • Jasmine

    I disagree with the comments above. The song is Fire. It is different from the forgettable dance songs that come out every month and then disappear. Nice production and this song will surely be a hit with a hot video.

  • larguamay

    This does sound like a leftover from 2004- Timbaland reject track a la Sexyback. and hey mr dr is even worse MAC you’re right.

    But if Miss Janet is happy making this- I guess that’s what’s important. I just wish she was more daring sonically like she was on Velvet Rope.

  • DangerWilRobinson

    I really like the song. I love the entire album, but it does start off sounding a lot like “Sexyback.” Which is odd because her and Justin never made up after the Superbowl debacle. And really, with the crap they put on tv now, I can’t believe that was ever an issue. Also, the “Gon’ Be Alright” has a keyboard very reminiscent of Madonna’s “Beautiful Stranger.” Which is odd since Janet reportedly HATES Madonna. Now that’s a duo I’d love to see. And if you disagree, that’s great, but don’t be a d*ck and insult my character and call me names. Diva fans are so brutal. And expressing hatred and name calling are only a reflection of you, not me. Have at it kids.

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