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Sia Kicks Off ‘This Is Acting’ Era With Triumphant ‘Alive,’ Co-Penned By Adele!

By now, we should all be used to the fact that Sia will only continue to find new ways to snatch all of our wigs. And while her 1000 Forms Of Fear campaign was mostly spent by putting her wigs on other people, from “Chandelier” to “Elastic Heart” to “Big Girls Cry” to her disco collaboration with legendary producer Giorgio Moroder on “Déjà Vu,” the Aussie hit-maker still plans on getting wiggy-with-it during her brand new This Is Acting era.

But how?!? Simple. This time around, Sia is putting on the wigs of her fellow pop mates by singing songs originally intended for them, in their perspectives, but still written by her (AKA: She’s snatching all of your faves’ wigs because she knows she can do it better). “I’m calling it This Is Acting because they are songs I was writing for other people, so I didn’t go into it thinking, ‘This is something I would say’, It’s more like play-acting. It’s fun,” Sia revealed (via Billboard).

Case in point, her just released new single “Alive” – originally written for and with Adele and co-writer Tobias Jesso Jr. – is a big ol’ anthem that is easy enough to imagine Adele singing it, but without a doubt fits Sia‘s raw vocal aesthetic much better.

Backed by a delicate piano melody and slow-building marching beat, Sia confidently confesses her struggles before eventually bursting into epic tear-filled yelps on the song’s triumphant chorus: “I’m still breathing, I’m still breathing/ I’m alive/ I’m alive.” It’s signature Sia, taken to the next level by even richer production and her truly almighty delivery. That soaring bridge especially is everything: “I knew what I wanted; I went in and got it/ Did all the things that you said that I wouldn’t/ I told you that I would never be forgotten/ And all in spite of you.” Chills!!!

There’s just no stopping this wig snatching diva – WATCH OUT!

BUY Sia’s brand new single “Alive” from her new album This Is Acting on iTunes now!


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