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Lana Del Rey Previews ‘Music To Watch Boys To’ & ‘Freak’ In ‘Honeymoon’ Album Sampler!

With Honeymoon just over a week away from dropping on September 18th, Queen Lana Del Rey has decided to treat us with a brand new album sampler!

The vintage-styled clip, which helps to capture the mood of the record, previews unreleased tracks “Music to Watch Boys To” and “Freak,” as well as the previously released “Terrence Loves You” and “High By the Beach.” There’s not a whole lot to judge from the previews but it all sure does sound promising! “‘Honeymoon‘ I guess it’s the word that sums up the ultimate dream. I mean, life is a honeymoon, y’know? Life, love, paradise, freedom…that’s forever. With someone, or just with yourself. It just felt right, kind of the way Ultraviolence felt right before that, when I had a little more rage [laughs]. I love the concept that life is a dream and you curate your own space so that it becomes your heaven,” Lana told V magazine. “It’s all contingent upon your state of mind, which is why I don’t always do interviews—because it puts me in a bad fucking mood. I really try and keep my world beautiful but it’s tricky. We’re at a point in time when life truly can be what you want it to be.”

Pre-order Lana Del Rey’s third studio album Honeymoon on iTunes and get three tracks instantly!

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