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Katharine McPhee Gets Emotional On ‘Love Strikes’ – Listen To The ‘Hysteria’ Ballad!

While the world is busy taking in that new Justin Bieber single, Katharine McPhee is busily preparing the release of her new album Hysteria!

Earlier this month, the Scorpion starlet dropped “Stranger Than Fiction,” a Smith Carlson and Ryan Tedder-crafted, striding self-empowerment ballad. It’s a solid taste from her third studio effort — although, admittedly, the song does play more like a Tedder leftover than anything.

With no time to waste before the album’s September release date, Miss McPhee‘s just premiered the third song off of the upcoming LP (as a pre-ordering incentive) — a emotional, piano-led ballad called “Love Strikes.” Penned by Katharine alongside Rob Wells, Matthew Martson and Ginny Blackburn, the song relies solely on a soft piano melody and Katharine‘s capable, well-trained chops to carry out the emotion of the track.

“If love strikes once, and one time only/ All I’d have is broken dreams inside of me/ But my hands chase love when I’m surround you/ And what you see is all my colors scream/ Love is striking me,” she cries out. It’s a beautiful number that perfectly showcases her voice – What do you guys think?

Pre-order Katharine McPhee’s new album Hysteria on iTunes and get “Love Strikes” instantly!


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