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Fifth Harmony Check Into ‘Hotel Transylvania’ In ‘I’m In Love With A Monster’ Music Video!

Now that they’ve shown everyone that they’re “Worth It” on the charts, Fifth Harmony are looking to continue their rise with the music video premiere of “I’m In Love With A Monster,” their contribution to Sony Pictures Animation’s Hotel Transylvania 2, the anxiously awaited sequel to 2012’s Hotel Transylvania.

The Matt Stawski-directed clip sees the girls – Camila Cabello, Lauren Jauregui, Normani Hamilton, Ally Brooke and Dinah Hansen – rocking some 1940s-inspired attire as they check into Hotel Transylvania and encounter their very own monster lovers. Some cute choreography and scenes from the film are thrown into the mix and it’s all basically one big Hotel Transylvania extravaganza, 5H style ~ LOVEEE LOVEE IT!

BUY Fifth Harmony’s “I’m In Love With a Monster” from the Hotel Transylvania 2 soundtrack on iTunes!


  • Kalub

    They are quickly becoming gimmicks to me. Their vocals are not anything to write home about, the visual looked good, especially the solo shots. But goodness, the choreography was so rough. These girls are never together in performances or dancing, whether the video has been edited or not.

    Can we please call it a day with this group? Camilla Cabello is ridiculously annoying. Her vocals are nasally and she whines too much.

    The only two in my opinion who have any chance in making it are Lauren and Dinah!

  • Frey

    Oh HATER!
    TBH Camilla is one of the group’s favorites. Just watch any live performance, Camilla’s voice (& Ally) carries those girls and the crowd always screams loudest for Camilla. Camilla is youngest and has the most potential to be a solo star.

    Lauren’s voice is great but she’s always sick, and honestly has complained about them in interviews and will def leave the group any day now.

    They are all great but also in interviews Dinah is VERY childish and boy crazy, she will leave the group for a man. 5H have so much potential, but you can tell they don’t get along like Little Mix and are going to shit on all the chances they have been given :/

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