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‘Stranger Than Fiction’: Katharine McPhee’s Power Anthem from ‘Hysteria’!

Now that we officially have a a cover, release date and tracklist for Katharine Mcphee‘s long-awaited album Hysteria, it’s time to hear more music!

This week, the McPheever leader dropped her new power-pop ballad from the LP: “Stranger Than Fiction“!

“I found love when I least expected it/ I found faith from a night of no regrets/ I found me in a place too crazy to mention/ Except that life is stranger than fiction,” Katharine declares above the slow-soldiering drums and light flourishes of electronica, crafted by producer Smith Carlson. It’s got a real striding, anthemic feel–it’s on that OneRepublic level, which makes perfect sense considering Ryan Tedder co-wrote it. (Go figure!)

“This song captures a time where I was finding strength from independence, love, and faith from the most peculiar places—hence life is stranger than fiction,” Katharine told MarieClaire.

Pre-order Katharine McPhee’s new album Hysteria on iTunes and receive “Stranger Than Fiction” instantly!


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