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Lana Del Rey Goes Off In ‘High By The Beach’ Music Video!

Lana Del Rey has dropped the music video for her new single “High By The Beach” and, as expected, it’s a killer visual – literally.

In the clip, Queen Lana casually walks around her beach house while a helicopter with accompanying paparazzi hovers over to get a snap of her. She lounges in bed, she prances around the hallways, and she flips through a tabloid that reads: starlet goes overboard (FOUL!). Her sulking ends when she decides to take matters into her own hands by pulling out a massive, grenade-launching gun to teach the paps a lesson. All Lana Del Rey wants to do is get high by the beach. Lesson learned. GO OFF MY QUEEN!

BUY Lana Del Rey’s new single “High By The Beach” on iTunes now!


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