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Introducing: FLETCHER ‘War Paint’

Newcomer FLETCHER, a New Jersey-bred singer-songwriter, is here to launch a full on attack with her debut single “War Paint!” Yes, attack is an interesting word choice considering that her single is light and summery with non-aggressive tribal beats that drive the song. And, in true 2015 fashion, there’s a banjo on the chorus which results in a mixture of sounds that shouldn’t work as well as they do. It’s this paired with FLETCHER‘s melodic hooks and the song’s soaring breakdown that make this an undeniably addicting pop gem. “War Paint turns out to be an anthem that equals way more than the sum of its parts. THIS NEEDS TO BE THE BREAKOUT SONG OF THE SUMMER.

It’s her “plan of attack… love is not the enemy.” YAAAASAS I’m hooked. Bring it on FLETCHER, I’m ready for you.

Look out for FLETCHER‘s debut EP, Finding Fletcher, sometime later this year.

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-ATP aka Andrew Tyler Price-


  • Poptart

    Ok…pardon my leap here into social justice and political correctness, but she’s singing about a “crumbling society” with the walls being under seige. In the background are all black dancers, obscured, but with a red tint. She refrains, “red on the ground. bleed out. rub the colors on my face,” followed by bloody hands.

    Idk this just all seems a bit intense to me. Like it’s a war cry for white people to stand up for their “attacked” sense of society and tell them to rally against minorities. Yea… it’s just a song. But this message is wholly conflicting and uncomfortable… while still being a really enjoyable song sonically. It feels like brainwash.

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