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Sean Van Der Wilt Drops Very ‘Wet’ Debut Music Video!

Sean Van Der Wilt, if you’ll recall from back in November, is a LA-based multi-talented pop prince on the rise.

His debut single “Wet” remains a electrifying pop banger since the day it dropped, but it’s been in desperate need of a proper visual to take it to the next level. And today, we have just that, the music video premiere of Sean Van Der Wilt‘s “Wet“!

The clip, directed by Dave Goldberg and executive produced by Chris Cortazzo​, sees Sean rolling up to a fancy little gathering hosted by N*Sync star Lance Bass and his handsome hubby Michael Turchin. Quickly realizing its a complete snooze fest, Sean decides to spice things by taking matters into his own hands and getting everyone in sight completely wet – literally.

Easily one of the most enjoyable videos I’ve seen in awhile – GET INTO IT!

BUY Sean Van Der Wilt’s debut single “Wet” on iTunes now!

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