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Gigi Hadid Stars In Trippy Calvin Harris ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ Music Video!

Gigi Hadid and her perfect everything star in the new music video for Calvin Harris and Disciples‘ new single “How Deep Is Your Love‘!

Officially released as a TIDAL exclusive, the Emil Nava-directed clip sees the 20-year-old supermodel waking up in some sort of underground lab. In a seemingly disjointed manner she walks through various settings, ending up in a nightclub, on a yacht, in a green room, a motorcycle repair shop, a house party – you name it! Though that might sound like the beginning of a horror movie, it’s actually far from it, it plays out more like what you experience when on heavy drugs. (Not that I know anything about that . . . Don’t do drugs, stay in school, etc.)

So if you’re into trippy visuals then you should love this. I for one thought it was pretty refreshing to see Gigi werk every shot with absolute no romantic interest. Just a fierce hot girl doing her thing – I LIVED.

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