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V V Brown Returns As Just V V On ‘Shift’!

V V Brown is back, but not quite in the way you were probably expecting. For those of you not already familiar with the British darling, Brown initially made a name for herself back in 2009 with the release of her fantastic debut Travelling Like the Light, which was later followed by her independently released sophomore LP Samson & Delilah (A truly underrated gem).

Now she’s back with, “Shift,” her new single performed under the new moniker. . . V V! And mercifully, there hasn’t been a drastic change — she’s picking up right where she left off. The wild and infectious electro-raver comes equipped with nasty dance beats and futuristic space-age effects that only get better — and weirder — as it builds. “Shake shake, shake it off now/ Shake shake, shake it off now/ Break break, break it off now/ Take take, take it all now,” V V cockily declares across the James Leggett-production. It’s a sick, shapeshifting oddball of a song but it totally works. I’m obsessed!

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