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Shura Offers Up Soft, Dreamy Magic with Debut ‘White Light’ EP!

Meet my latest obsession: Shura, born Aleksandra Denton.

The rising British singer-songwriter-producer has become quite the “One To Watch” blogger favorite, having released three spectacular singles — the misty-lens ballads “Touch” and “Just Once” and the uptempo “Indecision” – over the last year, all leading to the final piece of the puzzle: The White Lies EP, a 6-track bundle featuring all her latest tunes paired with fantastic remixes, which was released last week (July 17).

The start-to-finish solid collection includes her previously released dance-pop cut “Indecision,” the sensual ’80’s-tinged “2Shy,” and the magnificent title track “White Light,” a slow-burning seven-minute chameleon coated in warm waves of synthesizers and lazily cooed vocals. It’s an incredibly gorgeous number, worthy of playing on repeat for hours on end. (My personal favorite!) If you’re looking for the perfect late night baby makin’ mood music, then Shura is your girl – GET FAMILIAR NOW!

BUY Shura’s debut White Light EP on iTunes now!

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