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Foxes Releases Another Soaring Anthem – Watch ‘Feet Don’t Fail Me Now’!

Queen Foxes — yes, of Grammy Award winning Zedd smash “Clarity” fame — is releasing a new album early next year called All I Need. If the nostalgic ’80s-flavored lead single “Body Talk” wasn’t enough for you (you’re crazy), then her just released follow-up “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” should be enough to convince you that we’re in for quite a brilliant treat this Fall.

The stomping anthem comes hard with grand piano lines, soaring strings, hard-hitting percussion, and one hell of a chorus — but her acrobatic vocals are the real star here. “So I’m saying, oh, now/ Gotta go now/ Oh, no, nothing’s gonna bring me down/ So I gotta reach out/ There’s a way out/ Praying feet don’t fail me now, you’re all I’ve got,” she cries out. It’s basically a more muscular take on everything we’ve heard from her debut Glorious.

Fittingly, Foxes has debuted the track with a strong visual that was inspired by her very own life experiences. “I wrote the treatment while I was writing the track in January. Initially I didn’t want to be featured in the video at all, but after meeting James who plays the dancer, I felt like playing an older sister would fit. I wanted the video to feel cinematic and tell a short story; I play an older sister helping her brother believe in himself, and it tells the story of a mother who isn’t always there for them both because of her own demons,” Foxes revealed to H&M. “Aspects of the video relate to experiences I’ve had myself and other people might have had growing up.”

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