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Song of the Week: Brayton Bowman ‘Real’

This week’s Song of the Week comes from rising New York-based singer-songwriter Brayton Bowman! After releasing his debut EP HERE | NOW back in February, followed by the MNEK-produced “Skin Deep” and April’s stellar cover of Britney Spears‘ “…Baby One More Time,” the Philadelphia native is back at it again with another winner in the form of his new single “Real“!

The track, produced Jacob Manson, is a slightly more experimental soulful affair as far as production is concerned. “You’re a beautiful disaster but I’m done with all of the lies/ You gotta be real,” he belts out as the track suddenly dives into a thrilling, stuttering breakdown of glitchy vocals and electro-R&B beats.

“Whether it’s some wannabe boyfriend, a two-timing girlfriend, your used-to-be best friend or some stranger off the street giving you the stank eye… you can feel it when someone’s not keeping it 100 with you,” Brayton told SPIN. “We were at my partner’s studio in Shoreditch a few months back vibing to this track & my boy Ryan Ashley looks up and just goes ‘YA GOTTA BE REALLLLLLLLLL’….and the rest was kind of history. We stayed at studio till like 4 or 5 in the morning and by the time we left we had ‘Real‘.” The song is the latest single off Brayton‘s upcoming EP, The Update – GET FAMILIAR NOW!

BUY Brayton Bowman’s debut EP HERE | NOW on iTunes now!

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  • JDD

    love his voice but some of the production was too juxtaposed with his voice. I’d like to hear Brayton sing a ballad, then I might be interested 🙂

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