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‘Sinner Like You’: The Wickedly Powerful Debut Single from Parson James!

Parson James may or may not be a face or name you recognize just yet, but chances are you’ve already heard his voice. The 21-year-old South Carolina-bred singer-songwriter has been on my radar for sometime now thanks to some mutual friends and his high-profile collaboration with labelmate Kygo on their breakout hit “Stole The Show,” which was featured as my Song of the Week back in March.

But now, Parson is ready to properly branch out on his own with the release of his new single, “Sinner Like You” a powerful, bluesy-tinged number that comes packed with a stomping percussion bassline and a liberating tale that hits very close to home. “Mama, I sinned again/ I went to bed with another man/ No, the town won’t understand/ Are you still gon’ hold my hand?” Parson belts out on the wicked opening lines of the Elof Loelv production.

“I think it comes off pretty aggressive when you hear it. The message is very full on and in your face, and it sounds a little personal because I’m talking about myself,” Parson told Noisey. “But I just think that the way that I felt growing up and coming out, I came out when I was 19 and my mom was fully accepting of it, but there’s this whole other world of people that I grew up with that might not like me for me. I had to stop thinking that way because everyone has something about them that’s just not like anyone else. I grew up and I was born homosexual and that’s just been me, forever. I just think when listening to the song, it can be applied to a very general and broad range of topics. If you want to think you’re better than me, well, the Bible says no one sin is worse than another one. So I would love for you to open your eyes and see that I’m just a sinner like you.”

Parson‘s soulful quality, technique, depth and sheer power is nothing short of awe-inspiring on this shinning, religious-inspired debut. His honesty and ability to emote already puts him a step above most of today’s rising acts. GET FAMILIAR NOW!

BUY Parson James’ debut single “Sinner Like You” on iTunes now!


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