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Leona Lewis Fights Back with New U.S. Single ‘Thunder’!

After kicking things off back in May with “Fire Under My Feet,” Leona Lewis is moving forward with a bolt of “Thunder” for its follow-up.

The Toby Gad-production, which is being dubbed as the lead U.S single from her upcoming album I Am (due out September 11), plays out like a close chilled-out sister to “Fire” with its slow-marching drums, punchy piano lines, and uplifting tale of liberation. “And I won’t wait any longer/ When you left me down I got stronger/ If you want to wait for lightning/ I’m on the horizon/ Well, I’m coming back with the thunder,” Leona sings.

It’s a solid earworm of pure emotion, much in the same way as her very own “Happy,” so a subtle return to form in some ways. Here’s hoping this works out, I genuinely like it. What do you guys think?


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