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Sinead Harnett Takes Us Higher on New Single ‘Do It Anyway’!

After making waves with the release of her fantastic lead single “She Ain’t Me” last month, rising British-bred songstress Sinead Harnett‘s already back at it again with the premiere of her new single “Do It Anyway“!

The track, written by Sinead alongside Ed Drewett, Mustafa Omer, and James Murray, continues the sassy feel of “She Ain’t Me” and turns it up a notch with a much harder bass-driven production that comes loaded with infectious hand claps and a thrilling, stuttering breakdown. “I get high doing what I want and I wanna get high today/ So go ahead and waste your time tryina change my mind, ‘Cause I’m gonna do it anyway,” Sinead declares. Her almighty vocals and feist are on full display in this one and I’m absolutely living for it. Now excuse as I go get HIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Sinead Harnett will release her new single “Do It Anyway” in the UK on September 11th!

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