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MS MR Move Forward with Glossy New Single ‘Criminals’!

With less than a week remaining until the release of their new album How Does It Feel, MS MR have unveiled their brand new single “Criminals,” the official follow-up to lead single “Painted“. First shared by Zane Lowe on Apple’s Beats 1 World Record, “Criminals” is a glossy electro-pop anthem loaded with a bouncy beat, shimmering synths, and slick lyricism that oozes with a dark romance. “I don’t wanna way out/ You and I know the truth/ Even though it hurts/ I just wanna be a criminal with you/ Criminal with you, we’re criminals,” frontwoman Lizzy Plapinger sings on the hook. It’s content comes close to the stuff of the duo’s fantastic debut Secondhand Rapture but with a more confident, sophisticated edge – LOVE!

“‘Criminals‘ is such a fun pop track. I think it’s one of our favorite tracks on the record,” Lizzy told Interview. “The song itself is about being in a toxic and tumultuous relationship and trying to pull away but there’s not really a way out. I think it was a song we had a huge amount of fun writing. I think you can hear the enthusiasm and energy within the track.”

Pre-order MS MR’s sophomore album How Does It Feel on iTunes and receive “Criminals” now!

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