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Nico & Vinz Get Together with Bebe Rexha & Kid Ink on ‘That’s How You Know’!

Ya’ll remember Nico & Vinz? It wasn’t that long ago TBH.

Their the breakout Norwegian duo – Kahouly Nicolay Sereba (Nico) and Vincent Dery (Vinz) – responsible for supplying us with last summer’s irresistibly catchy jam “Am I Wrong,” which became the highest-charting song by a Norwegian artist since a-ha‘s “Take On Me” in 1985 (Werk).

One year later, and the twosome are back and ready to do it again with a little help from their friends Bebe Rexha and Kid Ink on their new single “That’s How You Know,” a similarly buoyant slice of acoustic-driven pop. “That’s how you know you fucked up, that’s how you know you fucked up,” they all sing throughout the track. It’s basically a laid-back, more playful version of what we’ve already heard from them so it should work in their favor. Bebe is also QUEEN so yeah I’m hoping this does well. What do you guys think?

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