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Example Returns with Flaw-Free ‘Whisky Story’!

Elliot John Gleave aka Example has returned with a 100% flaw-free dance-pop tune titled “Whisky Story,” the lead single from his forthcoming sixth album. Written and produced alongside Kevin Scales, Mark Knight and James Reynolds, the track is a storming dance-pop anthem with a massive electronic pulse and brilliant lyricism, as only this talented Englishmen knows how to provide. You see, I’m pretty sure we all have our own versions of a flaw-free “Whisky Story” but this one in particular is really really good. It was love at first play.

“I wrote this track just after my son was born and was really craving a night out. It’s a tale of nights out in my younger single days and a nod to my first record – and thinking how much my life has changed since then,” Example said of the song. “I want to put the fun and humour back into my music and when another artist heard it they said ‘I think this is the most Example-y example track yet’ which I suppose can only be a good thing.”

BUY Example’s brand new single ‘Whisky Story’ on iTunes now!

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  • Dog Roberts

    Stomping choon larger than life with a train of a backing track compulsive and fulfilling listening with a nostalgic wishing longing vocal to each absolute stomper of a track with bigger drops than beachy head.sure to be a summer sound track for many a serious dance fan and festival reveller.get your ears full and your feet moving .

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